Please read this important information before first use of your egg®. knowledge of safety information will greatly enhance your enjoyment and safe use of your big green egg! also see first timer tips.

Always exercise caution when using any hot cooking device, lighting charcoal, cooking with hot charcoal or handling hot cooking surfaces. The egg, cooking grid and charcoal are hot when in use! do not allow children to play with or near an egg.

DO USE extreme caution when HANDLING OR removing hot cooking surfaces including the cooking grid, convEGGtor or the pizza/baking stone. The metal cooking grid and ceramics will be extremely hot. Take care to place them somewhere where they can’t burn anyone or come into contact with combustible surfaces. Always use protective gloves and gripping tools to avoid burns. Always exercise caution and keep children, pets and clothing away from an EGG while in use.

LIFT or REMOVE the COOKING GRID with the Grill Gripper. Use the specially designed BGE Grill Gripper or Grid Lifter to pick up and lift hot cooking grids. Hold the Gripper so that one prong grips the cooking grid from underneath. If you try to grip from directly above the grill you won’t have enough cantilever force to lift it. ALWAYS use a heat protective glove when handling any parts of an EGG while in use!

Always take care when handling hinge assembly, top vent cap and stainless steel draft door to avoid possible injury from hot surfaces or metal edges.

Always use extreme care when moving, transporting, loading or unloading an egg as the product is heavy and personal injury or damage can occur if dropped or tipped over. exercise caution when handling, loading/unloading an egg to avoid any injury from metal parts or hot surfaces.

Never attempt to pull, roll or move a hot egg – caution! coals are hot when in use and may cause personal injury or property damage if egg is tipped over.

PLACE AND USE YOUR EGG IN A SAFE and LEVEL SPOT. DO NOT place an EGG on a slope, uneven deck surface or under low trees or branches or in any area where it can be knocked or tipped over. Use the locking casters on the Nest wheels once the EGG is moved into position to help keep it in place. NEVER attempt to move your EGG while in use or when the charcoal is hot! NEVER use the handle, mates, nest or hinge assembly as a personal support or grab-handle!