Long History, since 1974

The Big Green Egg as we know it today goes a long way back and is basically the result of an age-long development process. Let us take you through the history of the Big Green Egg!



To find out more about the idea behind the Big Green Egg, we have to travel many centuries back in time, as these wood-fired clay ovens were already used in East Asia more than 3,000 years ago.

Here, these Big Green Egg predecessors were discovered, embraced and taken along by the Japanese who lovingly referred to the round clay ovens as a ‘kamado’ (‘oven’ or ‘hearth’).



In the previous century, American soldiers serving in Japan discovered just how delicious and juicy meals prepared by the Japanese on the kamado were.

When they returned home, many of them took a kamado along as a souvenir so that the home front could enjoy the delicious flavours as well!

about the egg


Big Green Egg opened its doors in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Founded by Ed Fisher, the company enabled the entire population of America to acquire a kamado.

Big Green Egg started by importing Japanese and Chinese kamados. After a while, however, the decision was made to use contemporary knowledge, production techniques and innovative material to further perfect this age-old cooker.



The current generation of Big Green Eggs is the result of a combination of ancient wisdom and innovative technology.

Partly due to the ceramics, which were specially developed by NASA, these ancient, traditional clay ovens were further developed into special, fully fledged outdoor cookers.